In Situ Test System



The BOXcone system is a specialized in situ testing tool designed to interface with a box core sample box. Designed to meet the requirements of a lightweight unit for use on deck, the BOXcone delivers precision-controlled push force and can be deployed on any box core with a removable box.

The system is designed for in situ testing including CPT, T-bar, ball cone penetrometer, lab vane, and plate load testing, as well as push-in sub-sampling. Other probes can also be supplied, such as thermal conductivity. It is suitable for use in all soils capable of being sampled by a box core system.


BOXcone is ideal for route surveys, pipeline soil interaction studies, subsea developments, drill cutting surveys, and marine mining site investigations.

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable to fit any box core size from 0.25 m to 0.90 m across
  • CPT cone 10 cm² projected tip area, 60° apex cone, Push speed 2 cm/s ± 5%
  • T-Bar 50/ 100/ 250 cm² options
  • Vane testing to ASTM or ISO standard to full depth of box core, intact and residual
  • Plate load testing, standard plates 70/ 100/ 150 mm diameter (other shapes on request) 76 mm / 100 mm dia. sub-samples
  • Wide range of other test types available on request