Subsea Trenching System



LEVIATHAN has been built on proven trencher technologies and is capable of trenching a wide variety of cables, umbilicals, flexible and rigid pipe, including anode and piggyback handling.

LEVIATHAN offers 1600 hp total power in a multitool vehicle with burial tool options of water jetting and chain cutting. IHC developed LEVIATHAN from first principles to produce a vehicle which has been specifically designed to mitigate the risks associated with trenching in shallow water conditions and challenging offshore locations. Through close communication with a wide range of industry experts, and benefitting from previous industry experience, IHC has identified the critical limitations of previously available trenching assets.

This knowledge allowed IHC to tailor LEVIATHAN design to overcome the typical challenges faced by the installers with the ability to:

Technical Specifications

  • Stay on station in strong subsea currents and wave action
  • Operations in shallow water conditions
  • Trench on uneven seabed topography, including climbing and traversing steep slopes
  • Maintain trench integrity in arduous seabed conditions
  • Negotiate boulders, sand waves and subsea obstacles without impacting trenching performance or trench depth
  • Highly controllable manoeuvrability allowing operations close to subsea infrastructure and
  • Perform both jetting and mechanical chain cutting operations