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Seabed Geotechnical Investigation

The properties of seabed soils impact on all aspects of offshore construction. We have used our knowledge and experience of engineering solutions to develop bespoke equipment optimised to meet the challenges of the offshore industry. Our equipment includes compact CPT equipment optimised to support pipeline and cable engineering, trenching operations and decommissioning works.

Alongside these we are able to offer a wide range of conventional seabed soils testing and sampling systems including piston core, vibrocore, and box-core sampling, and heavier duty CPT and penetrometer systems.

Our service offering includes equipment and personnel covering all aspects of offshore geotechnical data acquisition, processing, QC, site management, and Client representation, as well as all aspects of onshore reporting, laboratory testing, and engineering.

Seabed Geotechnical Investigation
Setech Pressurmeter

Pressuremeter Testing

Building on 30 years experience of pressuremeter testing we provide a range of testing equipment to suit all ground conditions, for both offshore and onshore use.

Pressuremeter testing is an essential tool for assessing the small strain modulus of soils in both offshore and onshore geotechnical engineering.

To provide our Clients with ultimate flexibility, we are able to offer our pressuremeter services either with an operator, or where Client has staff with suitable training and experience, on an equipment hire only basis.

Robotic Seabed Drilling

Within our core team we include world leading expertise in robotic seabed drilling equipment and systems. We have been variously involved in the specification, design, manufacture, and operation of 6+ different systems and are able to bring this expertise to bear when Clients are looking to procure or upgrade their capability.

ROV drill
product development

Product Development Support

Whilst Bluefield develops some of its own technologies we also support Clients in development of their own systems and equipment. Our technical expertise includes all aspects of subsea soil sampling, testing, and drilling equipment, associated marine and launch/recovery systems, robotic seabed interacting systems (including seabed drills, tracked vehicles, and mining-related vehicles), and jetting systems.

We operate sophisticated 3D modelling, analysis, and flow simulation software in support of these activities.

Optimised Geotechnical Investigations & Solutions