Your Geoservices

We take a partnership approach to delivering optimized, fit-for-purpose solutions to our customers in the offshore oil & gas, renewable energy, telecoms, marine mining and trenching industries, always making safety, efficiency, and data quality our key priorities

Our bespoke and cutting-edge technology is designed to meet the challenges of the ocean industries and support offshore site characterisation, pipeline and cable route design, trenching, shallow foundation design, subsea micro piling and offshore decommissioning projects.

Our seabed geotechnical investigation services include a range of ROV-deployed and conventional seabed soils testing and sampling systems, including piston core, vibrocore, and box-core sampling, as well as heavier duty CPT and penetrometer systems.

Bluefield geosciences boxcone deployed
Bluefield Geoservices has designed and developed a range of ROV deployed geotechnical tooling suitable for use on any work-class ROV or trencher. The ROVcone CPT and ROVcone sampler meets the design requirements of a lightweight unit delivering 10kN push force.
We believe in an integrated approach to offshore exploration and development, and for that reason work with our sister companies to incorporate a full suite of geophysical and environmental survey support.