Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical tools and services designed to examine and monitor near-surface seabed conditions

Comprehensive range of geotechnical services

Our bespoke and cutting-edge technology is designed to meet the challenges of the ocean industries and support offshore site characterization, pipeline and cable route design, trenching, shallow foundation design, subsea micro piling, and offshore decommissioning projects.

Our seabed geotechnical investigation services include a range of ROV-deployed and conventional seabed soil testing and sampling systems, including piston core, vibrocore, and box-core sampling, as well as heavier-duty CPT and penetrometer systems. We are also happy to offer our expertise and personnel with or without equipment to support Clients looking for geotechnical support to supplement their own capabilities. This includes offshore, onshore, lab testing and reporting support.

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of geotechnical services complementing all geophysical, geotechnical, and environmental survey site investigations. Operating water depths are from inter-tidal zones to a full ocean depth of 5000 m. Our standard systems, listed below, can be supplemented as required by additional equipment:

  • ROVcone 10 kN CPT (seabed frame, deployed on umbilical lift cable)
  • Neptune 5000 CPT (30 kN push, deployed on umbilical lift cable)
  • ROSON 40-100 kN Heavy Duty CPT (separate lift and umbilical lines)
  • BOXcone in situ Test System for box cores (CPT/ T-Bar/ lab vane/ plate load test/ samples/ and others)
  • 6 m Piston Core (with optional launch cradle)
  • 6 m Standard and High Power Vibrocore
  • Pressuremeter Testing (shallow water only)
  • ROV-deployed Geotech & Environmental Sampling tools:
    • ROVcone 10 kN CPT (ROV)
    • ROVcone 10 kN Push/Piston Sampler (up to 1.5 m length)
    • Push Core Samplers (up to 0.5 m in length)
    • Box Core Samplers
    • Grab Samplers

Geotechnical Cable Route Survey

Aquamarine Case Study

geotechnical data

In partnership with accredited soils testing laboratories around the world we are able to offer a full range of geotechnical laboratory testing and reporting services. Our expert engineering team has decades of experience in delivery of bespoke test programmes to suit all kinds of engineering and environmental requirements.