Pressuremeter Testing Services

Building on 30 years experience of pressuremeter testing we provide a range of testing equipment to suit all ground conditions, for both offshore and onshore use.

Pressuremeter testing is an essential tool for assessing the small strain modulus of soils in both offshore and onshore geotechnical engineering.

To provide our Clients with ultimate flexibility, we are able to offer our pressuremeter services either with an operator, or where the Client has staff with suitable training and experience, on an equipment hire-only basis.

Pressuremeter testing is an accurate in situ testing method for measuring a range of soil properties. Its prime use is in determining the in situ strength and stiffness of soils and rocks.

Pressuremeter (also referred to as High-Pressure Dilatometer (HPD testing) is used in a pre-bored pocket making the test relatively simple to perform in many ground conditions. This instrument builds on experience of operation with a wide range of other pressuremeters and includes a number of features designed to improve reliability with all electronics and transducers contained within a sealed enclosure. The Bluefield HPD has the following advantages:

  • Can be used on any ground where a pocket can be performed
  • Can be inserted into the ground with routine investigation tools
  • Gives results of high accuracy for use in design
  • Robust/minimal complexity
pressuremeter test

Technical Specifications

Insertion Methods

Predrilled Pocket of nominal 100 mm diameter and 1.6m length


Results Obtained