The ROVcone system allows operators to deploy a lightweight unit that still deliver 1000 kg push force for in situ soil testing or sampling. The system can be paired with any work class ROV, trenching machine or similar subsea equipment.

The ROVcone can be used for CPT and T-Bar in situ testing to around 4.0 m and push sampling to around 1.0 m in uncemented soils.

A unique feature of the system is the wire-free (acoustic) real-time communications between the penetrometer and the ROV which eliminates cabling, reduces snag hazards, and speeds up installation and removal to/ from the ROV.


The unit is ideal for route surveys, subsea developments, drill cuttings pile surveys, decommissioning surveys, and for locations which may be problematic for non-ROV conveyed systems to access or which require a high degree of precision or visual reference to access.

The ROVcone can also be operated in a standalone frame as a crane or an A-frame-deployed seabed unit.

Technical Specifications

Penetrometer System Drive Unit Specifications

IN SITU Specifications