Redefining Geoscientific


We develop and deploy progressive in situ seabed investigation methods and custom technologies that deliver best-quality geotechnical and related site data and analysis

About Bluefield Geoservices

Bluefield Geoservices was established in 2018 to provide the ocean industries with a fresh approach to offshore geotechnical survey. Our mission: to leverage the team’s extensive know-how — over 100 years of combined offshore geotechnical engineering and geosurvey experience — to devise and deliver innovative solutions to the most persistent problems in offshore developments.



Equipment and personnel to carry out each phase of offshore geotechnical data acquisition, processing, QC, site management, as well as reporting and analysis



Design and development of custom technologies, and mission-critical ROV-deployed geotechnical survey tools, including the ROVcone and the BOXcone



Multi-disciplinary expertise across complimentary but disparate fields that enables innovative engineering solutions to a range of complex seabed situations


Integrated Subsea Surveys

We provide geophysical, seafloor and water column sampling services both in shallow and deep-water environments, and complete solutions for specific consulting requirements.

These geophysical, permitting, marine sound and impact assessment services alongside the geotechnical and geo-engineering expertise of Bluefield Geoservices can be offered as an integrated solution to provide a cohesive project team, providing a more efficient contracting solution for the client with a single point of contact for client contract management personnel.

Committed to Data Quality

Offshore exploration begins with data, but the long-term success of any offshore development is contingent on the quality of that data. We prioritize expert data collection and management and believe that these are keys to a gold pedigree of subsea geotechnical survey. Our promise and commitment to thorough and exacting data analysis is backed by our proven in-field experience of many hundreds of offshore survey projects.

Projects include geotechnical investigations ranging from conventional drill ship operations, to state-of-the-art robotic seabed drill rigs, to shallow seabed investigations using all kinds of seabed testing and sampling systems in all water depths.


Our Team

The cornerstone of our service offering is integrity, professionalism, and commitment to our partners and clients, and this is the shared maxim of the small, but highly accomplished team.


Strategic Partners

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