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Bluefield Geoservices is a new technology innovator

Building on the extensive track record of its founders, we provide soil and seabed testing and intervention solutions. Our current offering is based around advanced in situ soil testing and sampling equipment and services, providing robust and reliable solutions to engineering requirements.


ROV & seabed deployed soils testing equipment

The soil testing equipment we have available includes a range of pressuremeter equipment capable of measuring small strain stiffness of soils, and a 10kN ROVcone CPT unit that can be deployed from a free-swimming work class ROV, seabed trenching vehicle, or on a seabed frame.

Alongside these we are able to offer a wide range of conventional seabed soils testing and sampling systems including piston core, vibrocore, and box-core sampling, and heavier duty CPT and penetrometer systems.

We have also worked extensively with robotic seabed drilling systems, and are actively developing new tools and technologies for enhanced data quality and productivity.

Innovative anchoring, stabilisation, and jetting solutions

The founders of the company have between them over 100 years in the geotechnical field and have worked variously for equipment manufacturers, contractors, and consultancies in relevant disciplines. We are working on innovative foundation and anchoring solutions based around micropiling and use of subsea robotics to provide tensile capacity and lateral restraint, e.g. for pipelines or for floating structures.

Our in-house capabilities include 3D modelling and analysis of structures and computational fluid dynamics. Applications include development of new seabed intervention tooling for jetting and profiling the seabed.

Internal Front Leg Flow

Optimised Geotechnical Investigations & Solutions