In Our DNA

Our fit-for-purpose solutions center around the design and development of custom technologies, in addition to a range of mission-critical, ROV-deployed geotechnical survey tools, including CPT, samplers, and T-Bar test equipment. Our most recent additions include the ROVcone and the BOXcone

The ROVcone system allows operators to deploy a lightweight unit that still deliver 1000 kg push force for in situ soil testing or sampling. The system can be paired with any work class ROV, trenching machine or similar subsea equipment.

rov cone closeup

The BOXcone system enables in situ testing on acquired box core samples. It is ideal for route surveys, pipeline-soil interaction studies, subsea developments, drill cutting surveys, and marine mining site investigations.

Royal IHC has developed the world’s most advanced heavy-duty remotely operated subsea drilling and geotechnical site investigation rig known as SWORD. It is specified to be capable of the very highest quality geotechnical drilling, coring, sampling, and in situ testing to a depth of 120 meters penetration below the seabed, in depths to 3,000 meters.


LEVIATHAN has been built on proven trencher technologies and is capable of trenching a wide variety of cables, umbilicals, flexible and rigid pipe, including anode and piggyback handling.

The installation of offshore wind farms is a highly complex task in the most challenging of environments, that’s why we are developing a series of robotic technologies designed to prioritize safety and deliver failproof solutions
product development support

Besides our proprietary technologies, we also provide product R&D to clients seeking to develop their own systems and equipment. Our technical expertise includes all aspects of subsea soil sampling, testing, and drilling equipment, associated marine and launch/recovery systems, robotic seabed interacting systems (including seabed drills, tracked vehicles, and mining-related vehicles), and jetting systems.

We also operate sophisticated 3D modelling, analysis, and flow simulation software in support of these activities.

Building on 30 years experience of pressuremeter testing we provide a range of testing equipment to suit all ground conditions, for both offshore and onshore use.

Pressuremeter testing is an essential tool for assessing the small strain modulus of soils in both offshore and onshore geotechnical engineering.

To provide our Clients with ultimate flexibility, we are able to offer our pressuremeter services either with an operator, or where Client has staff with suitable training and experience, on an equipment hire only basis.